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Fighting Games News Update – 10/18/08

Posted by: Akuma on Saturday, October 18th, 2008

There’s a lot going on in the world of fighting games, so let’s get down to it.

Street Fighter IV

We’re still not completely sure when Street Fighter IV will come to home consoles, but we do know that Sakura will be in the game. She’s never been quite as good as the hadouken brothers (Ken and Ryu), but it’s good to have a little more gender balance in the game. Other console combatants include Seth, Dan, and Fei Long.

You can check out more screenshots here too, including a pretty epic shot of Ryu and Sheng Long (Gouken).

The console version will be just as good as the arcade version. Videos and pictures confirm this.

To get you in the mood for Street Fighter action, Capcom is putting together an anime movie to coincide with Street Fighter IV. I wonder if Gouken makes an appearance.

Soul Calibur IV

I picked up Soul Calibur IV a short while ago for the Xbox 360 and I’m having a world of a time trying to achieve a winning record on Xbox Live. I particularly hate facing off against the little pipsqueak Jedi master known as Yoda. While I could match his Force powers with The Apprentice, it is good to hear that Darth Vader is coming as DLC. For the PS3 guys, Yoda is going in the other direction as DLC too. They’ll cost 400 MS Points and $5 on the PSN respectively.

King of Fighters XII

Wanna know who’s going to do battle in this SNK fighter? Here’s the list of characters.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Looking forward to the day when Scorpion can kick Batman’s ass? Mark your calendars, because Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is coming to home consoles on November 16. I’m not getting it, because I’m just not a fan of combo-based 3D Mortal Kombat.

That said, there is going to be some limited edition cover art that looks totally awesome. Go Alex Ross!

Tekken 6

If the weapon-based combat in Soul Calibur IV isn’t your cup of tea, go bare-fisted with Tekken 6. The latest trailer is shown below. I also found some great screenshots.

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