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Rock, Talim, Yoshimitsu Will Be Back for Soul Calibur IV

Posted by: Akuma on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Soul Calibur IV - Rock - Talim - Yoshimitsu

And so the Soul Calibur IV roster expands just little, offering us three veteran heroes for our weapon-wielding battle needs. Now that you’re done staring at Cassandra’s breasts (you are done staring, aren’t you?), you can turn your attention to a pair of outlandish characters and one sweet little girl who will have no problem kicking your ass with some serious tonfa action.

Three of the returning characters for Soul Calibur IV, from left to right (above), are Rock, Talim, and everyone’s favorite stand-on-my-head or sit-on-my-ass battler Yoshimitsu. I’ve never been a huge fan of Rock and his giant mace/hammer thing, but I’m totally digging the inclusion of Soulcalibur veteran Talim. She is easily my favorite female character from the series, largely because she’s so quick and she has awesomely easy high-low combo attack. And then there’s Yoshimitsu. He’s just weird.

I wonder who else is going to get included. We already know about Darth Vader and Yoda in Soul Calibur 4. Let’s just hope that they don’t go and toss Jar Jar Binks in there too. Anyways, Famitsu has more pictures of Rock, Talim, and Yoshimitsu, if you’d like to check them out.

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