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SSF4AE2012 – Shrink Your Hitbox with Crouching MK (Tutorial Video)

Posted by: Akuma on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

I was doing my random meandering through YouTube the other day when I came across this interesting tutorial from Behrudy and Air, who you may know as Dudley and Ryu players. The tutorial is mostly guided by Air, but it teaches you the versatility of the medium kick in Street Fighter IV with a few different characters. Air is mostly a Ryu player, so there is more focus there, but the same principle can apply to several other characters.

One of the biggest take home lessons is that a crouching medium kick (MK or forward) can shrink your hit box such that your opponent’s move may whiff where it would otherwise hit. Even better, under some circumstances, you’ll get the hit instead. The same technique can apply to crouching medium punch (MP or strong) for certain characters too. It gives you some great escapes from safe jumps and other situations. For example, a crouching MK against Viper’s burn kick will cause Viper to whiff instead of giving her the hit. Pretty cool.

And there’s more to that MK button too. Peep the video and be amazed.

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