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Super Street Fighter IV FAQ: What We Know

Posted by: Akuma on Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Super Street Fighter IV

Most fighting game fanatics were pretty freaking excited when Street Fighter IV hit the scene, so imagine how much more excited we’re getting about the upcoming release of Super Street Fighter IV from Capcom. Just as we got several upgraded versions of the previous Street Fighter games, Super Street Fighter IV is supposed to have everything from SFIV and plenty more.

So, what can we expect? Let’s break down what we know so far.

1. What is Super Street Fighter IV?

By all indications, this is much more of a substantial upgrade than the Street Fighter IV Championship Mode, since it is basically a pseudo-sequel in the same way that Super Street Fighter II drastically expanded on Street Fighter II.

2. What is the release date and price?

Initial reports pointed toward a “Spring 2010” release for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, but more recent rumors seem to have a firmer date in place. Take it with a grain of salt, but Gamestop has Super Street Fighter IV slated for release on March 31 with a retail price of $40.

3. How many new characters are there? How many are returns and how many are brand new?

The current word is that the Super Street Fighter IV roster will have eight additional characters. It is still unclear how many of these will be brand new characters and how many of these are re-introductions from previous Street Fighter games. There is a distinct possibility that characters from Street Fighter Alpha or Street Fighter III will be making an appearance.

4. Who are the new characters?

The first original character is Juri. She is a Taekwondo expert from South Korea, representing the first Street Fighter character to ever come from that country. She seems to have some variation on the “Soul Power” of Rose or “Psycho Power” of M. Bison, though the exact details are sketchy. Juri also received a bust size change shortly after being announced. By all indications, Juri will not be the only original character introduced in SSFIV.

Super Street Fighter IV Juri

5. What characters are coming back?

As with Juri, the exact number of returning characters is still unclear. However, it has been confirmed that T. Hawk and Dee-Jay from Super Street Fighter II will be in Super Street Fighter IV. Since Cammy and Fei Long made the cut already, that completes the squad of four from SSFII.

6. Any major gameplay changes?

One of the bigger changes is that each character will have more than one Ultra Combo. Most characters, from what I can gather, will have two Ultra Combos of some kind. For example, Guile will probably end up with a Sonic Hurricane and some super form of the Flash Kick. Chances are that some of the special, EX, super, and ultra moves will be tweaked in some way or another too.

7. Will Super Street Fighter IV go to arcades first?

Seeing how the tentative console release is in March, I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see an arcade release of the game first, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. For now, Capcom says that it is undecided on the matter.

8. Anything else I should know?

Super Street Fighter IV is going to be awesome. If you liked Street Fighter IV and have grown accustomed to the new art style and gameplay elements, you’ll feel right at home. At least, I hope so. On a side note, Abel was a girl during development. How’s that for weird? You can also stay tuned to the official Street Fighter site for updates on SSFIV.

9. Videos please!

Okay, enjoy!

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