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Back to the Ultra Street Fighter IV Endless Lobby Online

Back to the Ultra Street Fighter IV Endless Lobby Online

I don’t get to play Street Fighter nearly as often as I would like anymore. Life kind of gets in the way and that’s okay, but it’s awfully refreshing and satisfying to hop back online to duke out a few rounds. The last time I did this was about three months ago, so it’s about time… you know, just in time for anything I know from Ultra Street Fighter IV to be obsolete since we’ll all be playing Street Fighter V next year.

Anyway, here’s a recent set I put in on the PC. I really only found any semblance of success with Blanka, unsurprisingly, getting bopped as Decapre and others. The few matches my Blanka had with the Hugo player were pretty interesting if you want to check those out. It’s a weird matchup, since hopping crossovers just end up getting me a face full of SPD.

Posted by: Akuma on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

AE2012 Online Matches with Wolfkrone and MashDatDP

So, after seeing how I fared against Brolylegs and his Chun-Li, I went back to Xbox Live for some more Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012 action. The hope was that my AE2012 skills are continuing to improve, but I’ll let you be the judge after watching the two videos below.

First, my Blanka takes on the legendary Wolfkrone and his epic C. Viper. You can probably guess how that goes.

Then, here’s my Oni attempting to take down the Dictator (Bison) as controlled by MashDatDP. You can probably guess what I was doing in that match too. Mash harder!

Posted by: Akuma on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

My Online Encouter with Brolylegs

So, I was online with my Xbox looking for ranked matches in AE2012 last week. I get the usual assortment of people that I’ve never met before in my life and then one particular Gamertag sticks out for me: Brolylegs. This guy plays Street Fighter with his face, rising the ranks to become the second best Chun-Li on Xbox Live (22k BP). Did my Blanka get bodied? Peep the replay video to find out.

Posted by: Akuma on Monday, March 4th, 2013