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Does UMvC3 need a patch?

EVO is right around the corner just under 3 weeks away. At this point many competitors, and players in the Vancouver scene (I myself included) are training in preparation. With speculations of AE getting a 2014 patch at EVO I’d like to address the question of does Marvel 3 need a patch?

I speak from a competitor standpoint and realize there are varying opinions on the matter but I feel at patch will hurt Marvel 3. One of the immediate reasons revolve around the timing in which I’m writing this. If there was patch right now, it would cause players to relearn the game just weeks before EVO. We’ve seen this happen when AE first came out one month before EVO. The Japanese players had a huge advantage as AE had already been in the arcades for several months while everyone else got the patch late and were behind in experience. While I don’t believe if Marvel 3 were to receive a patch that it would be regionally released, but poorly timed patches may cause extra work for tournament organizers. Being one myself, I know how much of a hassle it can be to make sure all setups have the correct version of the game. In addition the players may suffer as their characters and tech may have changed and have their would be performance altered.

However, this is not the most pressing matter I find with a Marvel patch. The game is a very dynamic in it’s design and mechanics due to its’ large number of variables. The game allows for a great deal of player customization and personal combos and team dynamics. As a result, the game has great butterfly effect when it comes to changes.

I’d like to point but Dr.Doom. He received several buffs from vanilla to Ultimate but the most dramatic change was a hard knock down property added to his j.S footdive. What resulted was a character that had an easy to hit confirm cross up move, high damage combos and many players picking him up due to his ease of use. His hidden missiles assist is also a powerful tool that some players will just pick without regarding Doom as a character. Now if say the hard knock down was removed, suddenly there’d be a drop in Doom players. Those who truly understand the character would keep him but others would switch to another or maybe even switch to a new team.

Sentinel was one of the characters that was affected the most from changes. In addition to his health nerf in vanilla, in Ultimate he lost his rocket punch into Hyper Sentinel Force link. In the beginning, Sentinel was considered overpowered and with the first month the got nerfed and as the game and players progressed, many have found Sentinel to be one of the weaker characters in the game.

This brings up the question of what needs to be patched and how. Capcom listen to fan feedback and tournament results which influence their decisions. How do the developers and even the players know if something needs a patch? This is a very hard question as fighting games take time to evolve due to their depth. I feel the TAC combos and infinite which are standard now where never imagined by the developers. Are they broken? In a sense but the execution required to do them, I feel justify their existence. Sure it’s not fun seeing your character being infinited but the other player is put in the time and work to learn it.

As stated by Combofiend in my friends’ Shiro420 interview constantly patching a game takes away the depth and may turn off competitors. The interview can be viewed here. He goes on saying that certain tech may never be uncovered, which is true and has happened in Marvel. Jill received nerf which the developers felt where necessary, otherwise she’d be broke. Many players felt it was an odd decision because even not many play Jill and isn’t seen as a super strong character.

What’s seemingly unbeatable at one point can turn into novice fare. Spiral from Marvel 2 was an example. There was a 2 year period in which her trap dominated the tournament scene much like Chris G’s MorriDoom of today. Eventually the players came up with new technology that made Spiral nearly irrelevant. I’m very interested to what the pros have come up with at EVO to deal with MorriDoom. I can only wait to see what EVO and beyond brings to this game.

Posted by: BionicFraud on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

EVO Gaming Tournament 2011 Live Stream

The guys at Shoryuken have the livestream from Vegas this weekend, so check out the action for SSFIVE:AE, MvC3, Tekken 6, MK, and BlazBlue: CSII.

Live video by Ustream

The finals are scheduled for Sunday from 10am to 9pm.

UPDATE: Viscant wins MvC3. Fuudo (Fei Long) wins SSFIV:AE. Daigo (Yun) finishes 4th, getting knocked out by Latif (Viper, 2nd). Poongko (Seth) rounds out top 3.

Posted by: Akuma on Friday, July 29th, 2011

LANcouver 2011 – CrossXoveR Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament

Just a quick highlight video from the 3v3 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament hosted by CrossXoveR at LANcouver 2011. Enjoy!

Posted by: Akuma on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011