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Street Fighter IV Opening Cinematic

OMG. Embedded above is the opening cinematic for the Japanese version of Street Fighter IV and it looks absolutely breathtaking. We get to witness the same “ink splash” style that filled the teaser trailers of the last few months, but the action here is totally epic. There seems to be more of a focus on Chun-Li, possible because of the upcoming Kristen Kreuk movie, but the real highlight has to be the mind-blowing battle between Akuma (Gouki) and Gouken (Sheng Long). Like, whoa.


In related news, we have now learned more details about the alternate costumes in Street Fighter IV, including pricing and release dates for Japan. Each alternate costume DLC pack costs 320 MS Points on the Xbox 360 or 400 Yen on the PS3. On February 12th, you get Zangief, E. Honda, Rufus, Abel, and El Fuerte. On February 19th, you get Chun Li, C. Viper, Sakura, Rose, and Cammy. On February 26th are Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, and Dan. On March 5th, you’ll find Vega, Sagat, Balrog, Bison, and Seth. And on March 12th are Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, and Fei Long. If you can hold out until April 30th, you can buy the complete 25-character pack for 1000 MS Points or 1200 Yen. No word on the American DLC dates yet.

The full list of Xbox 360 Achievements have also been released and there are a whopping 47 of them. They range from setting your title and icon to performing 100 successful Focus Attacks.

Rounding out the Street Fighter news are the first look at Vega in the movie and word that Street Fighter will be invading PlayStation Home. Instead of that random dancing, you can hadouken your online buddy?

Posted by: Akuma on Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Fighting News Update – 01/20/09


First off, it has been announced that Dragonball Evolution is coming to the PSP. This fighting game will be based on the upcoming movie starring Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi. Seriously. I have absolutely no high hopes for this movie nor am I at all interested in the game itself. It’s going to suck and we all know it, especially since our favorite anime fighters have been replaced by some unrecognizable Hollywood actors.

Heading into the world of Street Fighter IV, we’ve got a lot of eye candy to consider. In addition to the new FightSticks coming from Mad Catz, the guys at Hori have SFIV fighting sticks too. Based what we’ve seen from previous Hori fighting game sticks, I’m thinking this one will be a winner too.

Regarding the game itself, a video has been released with Dan vs. Dan and another one with an epic battle between Gouken and Akuma. This isn’t the Sheng Long gameplay video that we saw a couple of months ago; it’s an official trailer from Capcom.

Speaking of trailers, here’s one for the Legend of Chun-Li movie that will be starring Kristen Kreuk in the title role.

Departing the Capcom world of Street Fighter, we find two other notable fighting game franchises with some awesome trailers of your own. There’s the one for King of Fighters XII and another one for Tekken 6. So many videos, so little time.

Posted by: Akuma on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Street Fighter IV: Every Ultra Move

Street Fighter IV will be hitting the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in a very short while and I couldn’t be more excited. Having played in the arcade, I’m really starting to appreciate the new art style, as well as the proper introduction of Gouken, the super master who you may know better as Sheng Long. As with some of the other Street Fighter games, Street Fighter IV will get Super Moves, but it’s also got Ultra Moves for each of the characters. These are more dramatic, more powerful, and more awesome.

Ryu got a little shafted with his Ultra Move, because it’s just another big fireball. The same can be said about Dhalsim, but Akuma is as crazy as he’s ever been. The new characters, like Crimson Viper and Abel, get some pretty neat Ultra Moves too. Check them out.

Posted by: Akuma on Thursday, January 15th, 2009